Company history

We are Jungsan Enterprise Co., Ltd. having repeated development with hot passion.
We will be an enterprise contributing to the society
and being recognized while developing into the world beyond Korea.


· Approved as a DNV.GL heat treatment factory
· Acquired a DNV.GL ISO/TS 29001 certificate
· Approved for inner hole nuts for Samsung Heavy Industrial
· Acquired a KC LNG TECH certificate(KC1-M-2017-0101)
· Acquired a JSRS certificate


· Acquired a quality system certificate from Korea
Electricity Association(KEPIC:DN-662)


· Won a million-dollar export tower prize
· INNOBIZ (Small and medium business technical
innovation association-20085772)


· Won a single PPM group presidential prize(No.179550)
· Registered a patent(Kitchen dual monitor TV door phone
device and operating method : Patent No.10-1027478)
· Certified as a component and material expert business
(Ministry of knowledge economy : No.8213)
· Designated as a Ulsan global IP star business(No.2011-7)
· Registered a patent(High-speed auto hydraulic press
: Patent No.10-1049936)
· Registered a similar design(Kitchen door phone with duel monitors
: Similar No.1,2,3 of registration No.30-0620566)
· Registered a design(Kitchen door phone with duel monitors
: Registration No.30-30-0620566)


· Approved as an ORPIC vender
· Approved as a SAOC vender
· Acquired a PED(CE) certificate
· Acquired a GOST-R certificate


· Won a prize from minister of industry, trade & resources in future
management parts at the Korean productivity grand prize event
· Acquired a quality, environment and safety health system certificate
(Korean class)
· Acquired qualification for supplying equipment
(Korea Southern Power, Korea Eastwest Power, Korea Central Power,
Korea Western Power, Korea Southeast Power)


· Acquired a single PPM 2 kinds certificate (TIE ROD / HYD. NUT)
(Small and medium business administration: No.1-16-2-2265)
· Designated as a promising business(Ulsan technopark)
· Certified as a management-innovative business(MAIN-BIZ)
· Certified for a productivity management system(PMS)LEVEL.4


· Registered a patent
(Embedded monitor device : Patent No.10-1137458)
· Registered a patent
(Embedded video display device : Patent No.10-1034854)
· Certified for an OHSAS 18001 :
2007 safety health management system(MSA certification institute)
· Certified for an ISO 14001:2004 environment system
(MSA certification institute)
· Certified as an origin-certified exporter by item
(Daegu customhouse : 120-200094)


· Completed Plant No. 2
· Best 3C Vendor Partner Award by HSD Engine


· Single PPM Quality Certification (SMBA: No. 1-16-2-1464)
· Model Taxpayer Award (No. 0144)
· Outstanding Quality Award from HSD Engine (QS-0702-18)
· Outstanding Vendor Partner Certification by
HSD Engine (SRM07-024)


· Clean Workplace Award (KOSHA No. 7479)


· Outstanding Quality Vendor Citation from Hyundai Heavy Industries (No. 2001026)


· Injury-Free Level 10 Certification
· National Tax Service Busan Branch Director’s Citation
· Single PPM Quality Certification for 2 Products
(SMBA: No. 1-16-2-1796)


· INNO-BIZ (technology innovation SME) Certification
(No. 8021-0803)
· Single PPM Group Award from the Prime Minster (No. 145877)
· Best Quality Management Award in the Global Standard
Management Awards (KMAR)


· ISO9001: 2000 Quality System Certification
(ORI Certification Services)


· Promising Export SME (No. 2002-089)


· Establishment and Certification for Company Research Center
(No. 931206)
· Venture Company Certification (No. 99122421-189)
· Korean International Trade Association Member Registration
· Export Support Company Registration(No. 99-35)


· Company founded in March 1983


· ISO9001 Quality System Certification (EQA Certification Services)


· Company incorporation
· Hyundai Heavy Industries Member Partner Registration (UZ077)
· Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Partner Certification
(No. 2001-079)
· HSD Engine Partner Registration (290715)